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You're ready to remodel your bathroom. Maybe you've got a mold issue. Maybe your bathroom decor is hopelessly out of date. There are myriad reasons why it might be time for a new look and feel to your bathroom. Whatever your reason, you should consider a green bathroom remodel. The bathroom is a prime candidate for eco-friendly construction. Why? Because so much water is lost through the bathroom, which means a great opportunity to save water with the right construction upgrades.

It's time to remodel your kitchen, and naturally, you're thinking about starting with new countertops. You could go a number of ways with this crucial remodel. You could opt for the popular choice, you could opt for the affordable choice, or you could opt for the green choice. OR, you could opt for a combination of the three, with a sustainable countertop that fits your budget AND looks good enough to be the envy of the other houses on the block.

When you’re planning or maintaining your home’s landscape, you’re probably not worrying too much about being eco-friendly. Just having a well-cared for lawn and some plants is pro-environment, right? Well, yes, but as with most aspects of your home, you can do even more with your landscape to make sure you’re going green. Here are some ideas to consider.

When we talk about making a greener floor, we don’t mean putting in green carpeting or artificial turf, although that can be fun. We’re talking about flooring types that are kinder to the environment. Whether you’re after a hardwood floor or are going with carpeting, you can install flooring that looks great while being eco-friendly. Here’s how to get started.

Kitchen remodeling is a popular way to renovate your home. Most of your home’s traffic seems to flow through the kitchen. It’s usually where people eat in the morning before heading off to work or school, it’s where snacks are fixed and dinner is cooked. During parties and get-togethers, large groups of people always seem to gather in the kitchen. So it’s natural that the kitchen should be the first place you turn when considering an upgrade for your home. But how should you remodel your kitchen? The options seem unlimited, and you want an upgrade that fits in with the rest of your home and uplifts you and your family. Here are a few tips to consider.

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