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Putting an addition on your home is a great opportunity to make sure you have proper insulation. Good insulation can save you a fortune in heating and cooling costs over the course of a year. It's a good idea to make sure your whole home is properly insulated, but if it's not, your new addition is a good place to start.


If possible, you may want to consider putting a skylight window in your home addition. This allows you to take full advantage of natural daylight so that you don't need any electricity until the evening. For when night falls, strategically placed and energy-efficient lights with CFL or fluorescent bulbs are often the way to go.


Remember that windows not only allow natural light to get in but provide a non-energy dependent source of ventilation. A stylish window can also add character to your home addition.


Plants in and around your addition can brighten up the area as well as provide a better indoor atmosphere. For the most sustainable option, look for native and drought-resistant plants.


If you're going to have plumbing in your addition, be sure to put in water-saving options like low-flow toilets, shower heads or faucets. Almost every aspect of your home addition provides an opportunity for a green alternative. If you're looking to add on to your home the eco-friendly way, Greenerz can help, with sustainable construction ideas and the professionals who can help bring them to life.

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